Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Late Fall sneaked up on me. It seems like we were just enjoying the trees' colors at their peak, and now we're in the midst of those gray, November days. There were 6 Blue Jays at my feeders this morning and that was about all the color there was!

My garden has long since been harvested, pulled up, and hauled away. We've finished raking leaves which are now on my compost piles and flower beds are mulched in.While finishing up with storing away statuary and the last minute chores, I enjoyed a second harvest of sorts. In addition to leaves gathered during prime color and pressed in my trusty encyclopedia, I found 2 little nests which were blown from the front shrubs. I cut back my hydrangea before mulching and covering it.

I've framed 6 of my "harvested" leaves and the nests and hydrangeas have been sprayed with hairspray. My second harvest has brought more fodder to use in my art.

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