Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Three Months? Really?

     I decided, today, to take a quick look at my blog before I am off and running. October. My last post was in October. I guess the holidays, my art, everyday stuff just fills time.
     It's a brand new year--in fact January has come and gone--and it's started out pretty much like others. I've undecorated after the holidays, spent 2 weekends at the snowmobile races at Eagle River, Wisconsin, and of course made art.
     My on-line class with Pam Carriker called Journal 365 will come to an end at the end of March. I've been trying to catch up in it. It helps me a lot to just watch her videos and try to pick up on different paint techniques. I started a new on-line class with her called "Shades of Grey". For some reason, I just took to it. I've ALWAYS envied drawer-types but drawing never came easy for me. Working with shading and Pitt pens has helped me with it. I've been making little books, a little bit of jewelry, art journaling, and of course sewing.
   Winter is turning out to be very mild this year, so our snowmobiles have 0 miles put on them so far. Still, life is busy and there are 11 more months in this year to fill.
  New Year's Resolutions? I'm not really big on resolutions but I've decided to try to make more art, try to be a little less scattered in what art forms I embrace, and of course to get more EXERCISE!!!