Thursday, December 27, 2012

Turning The Page(s)

We are faced with some challenges in 2013, Jeffrey and I. No, not just the "fiscal cliff" which the president and Congress are toying with and the awfulness in the news, and everything else that we ALL are trying to deal with. The new year has in store for us some personal challenges. We are not alone, though. Of that I'm positive. But, as is the case going back to the 1970's, we will, together, face them head on. In spite of it, I am SO ready to turn the page and embrace the new year, bad and good. What helps me is my marriage, my faith in the Lord, and my art. The 2013 pocket calendar for the studio is finished, I'm just about finished with my garden journal, and I'm ready to start sketching in my "Fifteen Promises of Mary"  Ave journal. I know that I'm going to be published once this coming year. I'm signed up for on-line classes hosted by Strathmore, am contemplating another on-line class, and will be doing another art exchange. These are all good things. I hope anyone reading this has good things in store for them, as well, in 2013.