Thursday, October 20, 2011

Shame On Me

  When I decided to make a blog, like so many other bloggers, I told myself that I'd post on a regular basis, not letting lots of time pass without adding new posts. Unbelieveably, 2 1/2 months  have passsed since I've added anything to this.  So what's my excuse? So what have I been doing?
  In addition to working at our office, taking care of our house, yard, and my vegetable garden, spending time with a friend's mom, escaping "up north" a few times, and learning my new smart phone, of course I've been making art.
 I've finally learned to solder. Admittedly, I've not quite mastered it to the point where I'm very comfortable with it, but I've done a few nice pieces. I've been introduced to Zentangle which is very relaxing for me. For a while this summer making little books filled my time. I've played with a little bit of decoupage and just played with projects from magazines. Of course I've done a few journal pages, sewn aprons, submitted one project for publication, and made a monthly project for an art exchange I'm doing. Oh. I did a wallhanging for my bliss room and made greeting cards for our church....and I'm trying to keep up with an on-line art class.
 In retrospect, I guess in the future I should put down the paintbrush or soldering iron or put the sewing machine away, let the house or office work go for a bit, and post to my blog. Well, maybe at least let the office and house work go.

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